by Go Rydell

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released March 24, 2013



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Go Rydell Orlando

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Track Name: Run,Forrest, Run!
Looks like I'm waking up alone today
I've been losing touch with everyone and its killing me.
And I've been thinking can I just come stay for a while.
Hope that's okay?
I just need to get onto my two feet but my strides not complete
without stumbling.

I just need to breathe. Running out of air
Yet I keep running...

Far, far away from the wicked world and the way ill be
Losing site of this city and it feels good to me

I am miles away but not far enough so I keep running

So far...

I've been running so far to get my feet back on the ground.
Track Name: Hoodie Weather
Today I walked out in the rain
I left my coat at home
Take myself out for a stroll
Only to soak my bitter bones.
Sure hope its cold, so I can feel it.

Just want to feel a breeze
Enough to numb my body
Enough to feel at ease
Just want to get sick and call out today

Yeah, its been a long time coming and its nice to finally feel something.
Just goes to show we all die alone.

Its how the story the goes
It comes and goes.
Track Name: Till Then... Coasting.
Its harder then you know to see your face everywhere that I go
but when nothing is there to distract me I've got nowhere else to turn
Oh no! I am drifting so much further away
So Ill just drink some more to stay afloat
but now I am sinking.
Please save me.
This is a call for arms not a hand that's shaking
Its harder then you think to move on to much better things
But I know I'll have it in me

Drifting away... Leave the world behind me
Bottled up... Thrown away... No one will find me
Drifting away and bottled up
Track Name: Hemlock
I am getting sick of this
I bid adieu to you
You are the fucking rat
I am getting sick of this
I bid adieu to you
I am the poison, the cure, the flood.

Close your eyes and see the flood.
The end is here to stay.
You will never have integrity
Now tell me is it hard to breathe?
Track Name: Pinhead Party
Why vote?
Why leave it up to them?
They're just vultures seeking petty markings on ballads
Just a bunch of shit
Baptized and born under this power flag
Red state? White Pride? Blue-Collard Men?
Think he's scared yet?
Think he's boiled over?
I think he's got some fear and its spread to his counter culture
The times are changing so get with the times
I've got no need for your "moral" segregation
No fucking time.
Track Name: Seeing Soviets
Somethings gotta give
This bridge is on a time bomb seconds from caving in
Oh do you know you can never be too careful
Because its going to give
No moment to latch on
No time for a second chance
Oh do you know that your prayers will never be answered
One day you are going to see that your bigotry will never keep you safe
You'll see.